Who Are We (About Us)

Thanks for joining us! Here is a little about us.

We are Zeena Regis and Rahjahn Dashiell. We married on December 18, 2010.  Fast forward eight years, two dogs, infertility, hospital stays, chronic illness diagnoses, death of a loved one, becoming parents of a bereaved teenager, career shifts and stressors, dramatic lifestyle overhauls. Life got wonderful, beautiful, stressful. Just full.

Additionally, we are both nines on the enneagram; the peacemakers who avoid addressing conflict (even very necessary conflict) at all costs.

Image-1 (1)It become apparent that we needed intentional time to reconnect. And we needed something that would spark and facilitate conversations about the issues we prefer to ignore.

I remembered that my parents would sometimes go to Christian marriage retreats and conferences when I was a kid. They always seemed to come back refreshed. So I went to researching our options.

Between busy schedules, exorbitant costs, and the questionable theology of some of these offerings, we never found one that worked for us.

So we went about creating our own. It was so much fun! And so helpful. So we decided to keep doing it.

We are committing to DIY overnight marriage retreat at least once a month and to doing some communication/ therapeutic exercises weekly. We also pledged to document it and share it with our friends as a tool for accountability.  We promise to be authentic and honest about our efforts while trying to stay out of TMI territory.

And most of all we want to spark conversations with other couples. We want to know what you do to care for and cultivate your relationship. So talk to us, comment, message us, and offer suggestions. 

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